I am an artist and writer currently based in Nottingham, and currently a studio member and programmer at Chaos Magic.
My practice is heavily focused on personal rituals and utilising historic magical practice within my work. Through research, I develop my ideas and weave it into poetry, drawings, and performance work, often using all three in different combinations. Through my poetry and creative writing, I am able to process personal experiences to relay them in an appropriate format – the experiences I write about have ranged from the intimacies of my romantic and sexual life, to heritage of my personal identity as a queer man. These pieces may remain as standalone written works, formed into a collection, or be developed into live performances and rituals. Often these will utilise information collected on current astrological movements (lunar phases, planetary positions etc.), magical properties of eating certain plants or using them in anointing oils, and the use of props and objects, such as drinking chalices and precious stones. These different aspects will come together to create an performance in which audience members can participate, creating a group spell to create energy between everyone. I often work with drawing to create sigils and symbols, based on the practice of Chaos Magic. These work as invocations to activate changes in reality, and are also incorporated in performances or exist in their own right. Being able to utilise the local lore and magical history of my environment, as well as searching for site specific resources is of particular interest to and helps ground the work into something more substantial.
Thank you!